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Use the Keyboard, Luke!

left-handed keys parenthesized

Get the Wacom Plugin


LMB draws

alt-LMB erases


space and MMB pan the canvas

v zooms in (m)

shift-v zooms out (shift-m)

tab hides the GUI (0)

esc resets pan and zoom


1-9 choose colors from palette

drag the current color to palette

r picks the color under cursor (u)


t and g change brush (y and h)

f or RMB + move mouse to resize brush (j)

x or shift-RMB + move mouse to rotate brush

e and d change brush size (i and k)

w and s change brush opacity (o and l, shift-wheel)

shift-e and shift-d change brush blend (shift-i and shift-k, wheel)


shift draws with constraints

shift-click to draw straight lines


z is undo (n)

shift-z is redo (shift-n)

alt-z is smooth undo (alt-n)

shift-alt-z is smooth redo (shift-alt-n)


ctrl-draw to edit selection

ctrl-a selects all

ctrl-d deselects

delete clears the selected area

ctrl-x cut selection from layer

ctrl-c copies selection from layer

ctrl-v pastes to new layer


shift-space and shift-MMB move the current layer

shift-delete deletes the current layer

q goes to layer above

a goes to layer below

shift-q toggles opacity lock

ctrl-e merges down

shift-w current layer opacity up (shift-o)

shift-s current layer opacity down (shift-s)

alt-g and ctrl-g group current layer with the one below

shift-alt-g and shift-ctrl-g ungroup current layer one level

alt-q creates new layer above

alt-a creates new layer below

alt-c copies current layer

alt-b adds a mask to current layer

alt-v toggles current layer visibility

alt-x flips current layer horizontally

shift-alt-x flips current layer vertically

arrows nudge layers by 1 px

shift-arrows nudge layers by 10 px

? toggles help

feedback to twitter

patches and bugs to github


v 2015-12-14.32.1